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Hi! My name is Izzy

Izzy is a native spanish speaker certified in QHHT and specializes in both Tarot + Oracle Readings and Past Life Regressions. As an empathetic reader she helps us understand that we so often look outside of ourselves for the truth, for answers, but the answers always lie inside each and every one of us. 


In her Past Life Regressions, she uses QHHT to hold space and guide others in connecting with their subconscious/higher self through natural methods of hypnosis. Sessions are held in her cozy space in Wildomar and are available for booking through our website!


Here in The House Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays through the symbolism and images in Tarot, she shows us in detail what paths we can choose to take that will guide us into a more clear, loving and abundant place in life. She channels your higher self and relays the information back to you to help you heal + integrate information from your past, your present, and your future!​​

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Workshops & Groups


Tarot + Oracle Readings

Past Life Regressions (QHHT)

Tarot and Oracle readings are where we use Tarot and Oracle cards as a way to peer into the future or examine hidden aspects of a situation through symbolism in the images. As an empathic reader, I channel your higher self/subconscious/holy spirit and ask what it is you need to know so that you can be guided into a more grounded space with full clarity. At times I also channel your guides, be it past loved ones, angels, or deities. I read until all your questions are answered and I love being able to offer individuals tangible advice in their day to day life. See you soon!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) also known as; Past Life Regressions, is a technique that allows individuals to access their subconscious through safe and natural methods of hypnosis. Through this method, we are able to speak with your subconscious/higher self and decipher the symbolism and imagery that comes through in these sessions together. This method can help heal illnesses, phobias, anger, trauma, bad habits, and addictions. We can also speak with past loved ones, guides, angels, and help heal generational trauma using this method. 

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