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FRIDAYS are LIT at 7pm

Immerse yourself in an ongoing rejuvenating experience most Fridays at 7pm with a serene sound bath led by Holly and Kristin. Let the ethereal sounds of crystal singing bowls wash away the stresses of the week, integrating what's meant for you and revitalizing your soul. Suitable for AGES 10 and up, bring your own yoga mat, pillow, and blanket for extra comfort. Feel free to bring along any amulets, crystals, or talismans you'd like to charge in this sacred space.

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Organic House Salve = Natural Pain Relief

*used in ALL massage & cupping sessions

Mama Santee formulated an ALL NATURAL topical PAIN RELIEVER that is SAFE for sensitivities, children & pets!  This formulation has been going strong for 7 years now and keeps getting better and better. Mindfully Made in small batches infused & activated with Reiki, Healing Energy, high quality and ethically sourced ingredients!!! 


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Go on a Healing Adventure & Schedule with Mama Santee

quantum energy healing reiki
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Mama Santee offers Intuitive Quantum Healing sessions to help you heal on all levels. She works with Spirit and your Higher Self to help build your session around massage, energy healing or reiki, card and energy readings, cleansings, and more to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit through all realms, dimensions, time, and space.  

Whether you're looking for pain management or clearing the channel to tune in to your own psychic abilities, Mama Santee will help you THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH.

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Group Quantum Meditation

Step into the sacred realm with Mama Santee as she guides you into the heart space, where a sacred flame awaits to ignite a spiritual journey. In this group quantum healing experience, Mama Santee will channel personalized messages and healing for each participant, connecting with their guides and soul essence. If you're intrigued about the flow of private intuitive sessions, this mini group session is a must-attend. Join us for an evening of profound connection and soulful healing.

Tarot Time & Reiki Share
EVERY 3rd Sunday


$12 Donation appreciated.

Enjoy a cup of tea and an afternoon of Tarot practice, Reiki Share & Energy Healing!!

All are welcome! Come read or get a reading!  Come experience Reiki & Energy Healing!  

Join us for an afternoon of Tarot readings and Tarot discussions in one room & Reiki Energy Healing in another!!  We are high vibin here & open to the public.

This is a learning space for Tarot readers of ALL levels to practice their Tarot reading skills on others and for anyone who wants a reading to stop by and get your cards read!

This will be a fun and casual afternoon, so bring your cards, bring your questions, bring your friends and let’s have some Tarot Time! 

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Resident Alien (LOL)

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