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Get $100 Gift Card for ONLY $87 till 12/31/23

Purchase $100 gift cards for only $87 with the coupon code: 100GCfor87 now till 12/31/2023


Build A Box or Kit!

We have the supplies for you to build some awesome gift boxes for the Season of Giving! We have some out of this world self care kits!  Need ideas? Let us help you pack the supplies you need in this wonderful life!

3 boxes and kits pictured: upper left cleanse and charge kit; upper right is a Moonbox; lower left is a Calm the Eff down Kit

Go on a Healing Adventure & Schedule with Mama Santee

quantum energy healing reiki
quantum healing packages mama santees house.png

Mama Santee offers Intuitive Quantum Healing sessions to help you heal on all levels. She works with Spirit and your Higher Self to help build your session around massage, energy healing or reiki, card and energy readings, cleansings, and more to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit through all realms, dimensions, time, and space.  

Energy Cleansings | Limpias

An energetic cleanse is a holistic practice aimed at clearing negative energies and promoting balance and vitality in mind, body, and spirit. It involves various techniques and rituals designed to release stagnant or harmful energies that might be affecting an individual's emotional or spiritual well-being.

Typically, an energetic cleanse may include practices such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, energy healing modalities like Reiki, smudging with herbs like sage to purify the environment, using crystals believed to have cleansing properties, or engaging in rituals aimed at promoting positivity and releasing negative emotions.

During an energetic cleanse, the focus is on creating a harmonious environment within oneself and in the surrounding space. This process aims to clear energetic blockages, restore balance to the body's energy centers (chakras), and encourage a sense of renewal and revitalization.

Overall, an energetic cleanse is about fostering a sense of inner peace, promoting emotional clarity, and revitalizing one's spirit by purging negative energies and inviting positivity and balance into one's life.

Energy Cleansing (Limpia).png

Suggested Movies & TV Shows

The Adam Project

Free Guy

Jupiter Ascending

Song of the Sea

Guardians of the Galaxy


Woman King

The OA

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

American Gods


A Handmaids Tale



Brag Brunch (1).png
Holiday Gathering.png

Blessings, Brags & Brunch

with Cackles

Tarot Time & Reiki Share
12/17 at noon


At 3579 Arlington Ave. Ste. 700

Riverside, CA 92506


We will have coffee, tea, pastries and fruit.

$12 Donation appreciated.

Enjoy a cup of tea and an afternoon of Tarot practice, Reiki Share & Energy Healing!!

All are welcome! Come read or get a reading!  Come experience Reiki & Energy Healing!  

Join us for an afternoon of Tarot readings and Tarot discussions in one room & Reiki Energy Healing in another!!  We are high vibin here & open to the public.

This is a learning space for Tarot readers of ALL levels to practice their Tarot reading skills on others and for anyone who wants a reading to stop by and get your cards read!

Politti will answer any questions you have about Tarot and give topics for discussion. She will also help guide you through your readings, if you need assistance.

This will be a fun and casual afternoon, so bring your cards, bring your questions, bring your friends and let’s have some Tarot Time! 

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