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Intuitive & Card Readings

intuitive and card readings mama santees house


30 Minutes

Step into the realm of intuition and guidance with our 30-minute energy and card reading service. Mama Santee, an intuitive reader, utilizes various decks such as Medicine Cards, and Tarot as well as your own energy to illuminate your path. With her expertise, we'll swiftly navigate any situation, shedding light and clarity on your journey. Experience the transformative power of energy and card reading with us today.



45 Minutes

A 45-minute intuitive reading offers deeper exploration and understanding compared to 30 minutes. With extra time, Mama Santee can delve more profoundly into energies surrounding you, providing greater clarity and insight into your path. This extended session allows for a more comprehensive analysis, addressing additional questions or concerns with thoroughness and detail.



1 Hour

An hour-long intuitive reading provides an even deeper dive into your life's journey. With ample time, Mama Santee can thoroughly explore the energies and insights surrounding you, offering clarity and guidance. This extended session allows for a comprehensive analysis of your situation, addressing multiple layers and aspects of your life with thoroughness and detail. Whether unraveling complex emotions, uncovering hidden obstacles, or illuminating opportunities, the hour-long reading offers an immersive and transformative experience, guiding you towards profound healing, understanding, and empowerment.


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