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Everyone Holds the Key to Their Own Healing
Intuitive Massage Reiki Treatment Room R

*Book 1 - 3 Hours with Mama Santee & Combine Multiple Treatments in 1 Session!

We devise a combination of different massage modalities specific for each individual. We work with you to restore balance & assist you in finding your center all while increasing blood flow and decreasing pain.  We believe in nurturing rather than battling against the body.  Cupping can be included at no extra charge & we use Mama Santee's special salves & oil blends crafted to relieve chronic pain and deep rooted joint & muscle pain!  

Reiki &
Energy Healing

Distance or In-Person, Intuitive Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing are combined in this session! The Reiki Healing Energy knows exactly where to go in order to relieve pain, anxiety & stagnant or stuck energies.  Working in the quantum allows the healing on all levels, through all dimensions. Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing is ideal for clients with medical conditions & spiritual healing.  This type of healing can be done fully clothed seated or lying down.

By phone, video chat or in person, Mama Santee intuitively reads Medicine Cards & other Divination cards as well as energy!  One or more decks may be used in any Reading.  Let's dive deep & use some fun tools to shine light on any situation or path!  A 15-minute mini reading is a popular add on to all treatments! 

This Special Foot Bath is frequently used as a detox method as well as enhancing other detox and cleansing methods.  This funky treatment can increase energy/stamina, reduce arthritis aches & rheumatoid relief, lymph drainage & swollen glands, improve body PH levels, alleviate PMS/Menopause, improve metabolism & circulation, the list goes on & on!!

Mama Santee works with the elements (Air, Fire, Water & Earth), Spirit & YOUR higher self to assist in moving, transmuting & transcending energy so you can feel present.  This is also a good service to enhance "cutting cords" & working through the "dark night of the soul".  It's like an energetic bath for you Mind, Body & Soul.

This ancient healing method comes from Asia & improves Energy & Blood flow.  Suction Cups are placed where needed to draw stagnant blood up to the surface to allow fresh blood carrying healing properties to flow freely.  This method speeds up recovery from injury as well as loosening tight muscles and "knots".

Unlock your own healing potential with our empowering support

What is Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses touch or non-contact methods to transfer energy, promoting relaxation and overall well-being by balancing the body's energy flow.​


What is Cupping: Cupping is a therapy that uses suction cups on the skin to promote blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and aid in relaxation.​


What is Massage: Massage is a hands-on therapy that involves kneading, rubbing, and manipulating muscles and soft tissues of the body. It's used to promote relaxation, alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce stress. Cupping and Reiki can be added onto your massage!

What is an Intuitive Reading: is a practice where the reader taps into their intuition to gain insights and guidance for the client. It often involves interpreting symbols, images, or feelings to provide clarity and direction on various aspects of life. The reader may use tools like tarot cards, oracle cards, or simply rely on their innate intuitive abilities to deliver the reading. The goal is to offer guidance and support to help navigate the path with greater awareness and understanding.


What is Ear Candling: Ear candling is a practice that involves placing a hollow candle-shaped device in the ear and lighting it, removing the earwax and impurities.​


What is Ionic Cell Cleansing: Ionic Cell Cleanses are a wellness practice that involves soaking feet in a basin of water while a low electrical current passes through it. This process draws out toxins from the body through the feet, resulting in various health benefits such as improved energy levels, reduced inflammation, and detoxification.

*Ask about PRIVATE Parties and Group Healing *
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