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Intuitive Healer

Certified in Social Emotional Art

Holla's Intuitive Art sessions are all about creative adventure and epic self-love.


My name is Holla Watson, and I have been on a journey through this life with art as my guide. I have learned so much and hope to show you how to harness the innermost loved you there is—diving deeply into our subconscious world and using intuition to explore all the truth and power within ourselves. I have taught all ages, all kinds, and souls. Art is a beautiful way to know yourself and unleash what is hiding. Healing can come from color, shape, symbolism, and stories. Creativity gives our hearts the space to shed, heal, and grow. I create personal one-on-one sessions filled with prompts and new experiences using all kinds of art mediums. Organically built to flow freely between you and me, together, we find delicious, precious ah-ha moments that can change your perspective and help you feel heard and seen. I also create delightful workshops for groups. We come together to connect and find a common thread that leads us to places of conversation and play. No matter what you choose for your path of creative therapeutic art, I can't wait to help guide you through it and find the inner artist we all have within us. 

I know with all my heart that art saves lives!



My experience is 15+ years in teaching and showing art. I have 15+ years in ceramics and sculpture. Also a certificate holder from UCLA in social emotional art with multiple modalities. Cover artist and illustrator for several published books.

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Block Shock 1 on 1

Ready to unleash your creativity? Break through blocks with our Block Shock 1-on-1 sessions. Dive deep for profound insight and inspiration.

Experience The Healing Power of Art: Art isn't just creation—it's transformation. From cosmic perspectives to divine sparks, we journey beyond boundaries.

Reignite Your Passion: Stifled creativity? Find nurturing space to reconnect with your divine spark.

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Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

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