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JUNE 2024

on Instagram & TikTok
6/7 FCPA Meet Up 7pm - 8:30pm
6/8 Claremont 2pm - 5pm 
Mama Santee, Politti, & Izzy will be Celebrating Hot Yoga Claremont
6/12 Group Cleanse 7pm
6/20 Art for the World in LA 7pm
6/21 Solstice Sound Bath in OC 7pm
6/23 Tarot Time & Reiki Share 12pm - 3pm
6/26 Group Quantum Healing Meditation 7pm
6/29 The Grand RE-BIRTH of Mama Santee's House! 

We are LIVE Every Friday

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Join Mama Santee & her Healer Friends live on Fridays at 11:11 Pacific!
  • Instagram
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  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Join Mama Santee and her Healer Friends' for an enlightening journey into the depths of spirituality, divine wisdom, and holistic healing. Every Friday at 11:11 AM Pacific Time, we go live on Instagram and TikTok, delving into profound topics like spiritual awakening, cosmic disclosure, and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. 

If you can't catch us live, don't worry! You can always watch the replay on our YouTube channel, Mama Santee's House. This is your invitation to dive deep into your soul, uncover hidden truths, and elevate your consciousness. Let’s explore the mysteries of the universe together and awaken the divine within.

F.C.P.A Coffee Night

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Hosted by FCPA
June 7th
7pm - 8:30pm

Join Full Circle Pagan Alliance for a gathering where we commune over tea and coffee, discussing various topics related to occult, divination, and spirituality. Connect with like-minded individuals, share wisdom, and build community in a welcoming atmosphere. All are welcome, whether you're experienced or just starting your journey. 

*donations welcomed*

Group Energy Cleanse

Group Cleansing (2).png
Led by Mama Santee
June 12
7pm - 8:30pm

Energy cleansing or "limpia" is a ritual that purifies and balances an individual's energy field using natural elements like eggs, herbs, smoke, feathers, or sound tools like bells or rattles. It removes negative or stagnant energy, emotional blockages, and unwanted influences to restore harmony, promote spiritual well-being, and rejuvenation. Energy cleansing helps release negative energies, promoting mental clarity, emotional stability, and renewed vitality


Solstice Celebration

mama santees house orange county.JPG
Led by Danielle Lee 333 & Mama Santee
Sound Bath by Holly & Kristin Joy
Newport Beach, CA


Join us for a transformative evening as we welcome summer under the Capricorn full moon on the bay in Newport Beach, CA. Participate in a spiritual cleansing, experience quantum energy healing, and immerse yourself in the vibrational frequencies of a sound bath. Receive individual channeled messages and a collective full moon solstice message, and take part in a sacred water blessing.

Engage in journaling prompts and a fire release of limiting beliefs. Bring your favorite crystal, yoga mat, pillow, and blanket, and prepare for prana yama breath work. We are calling in all elements for this beautiful evening of healing and renewal.

Tarot Time & Reiki Share

Mama Santee's House Reiki Time, Riverside CA (1).png
Led by Politti Kitty & Mama Santee
June 23
12pm - 3pm

**$12 Donation Appreciated**

Join us for an afternoon of Tarot practice, Reiki Share, and Quantum Energy Healing! Enjoy a cup of tea while you participate in this enriching experience. All are welcome, whether you want to read Tarot, receive a reading, or explore Reiki and Quantum Energy Healing.

In one room, immerse yourself in Tarot readings and discussions, perfect for Tarot readers of all levels to practice and enhance their skills. In another room, experience the soothing effects of Reiki Energy Healing in the Quantum.

We’re high-vibing and open to the public, creating a fun and casual atmosphere. Bring your Tarot cards, your questions, your friends, and let’s have some Tarot Time & Reiki in the Quantum Shared!

Group Quantum Meditation

Group Quantum Energy Healing.png
Led by Mama Santee
June 26
7pm - 8:30pm

Join Mama Santee for a transformative group quantum meditation and energy healing session. Let Mama Santee guide you into the quantum realm, journeying to the zero balance point through the heart center and into the solar plexus. This meditation is designed to heal and elevate your self-worth, allowing you to shine brightly with confidence.


During this immersive experience, you will meet an animal guide at the zero point. Feel, see, and sense the support and wisdom these animal guides offer on your life path. This profound connection will help you navigate your journey with renewed clarity and strength.


Grand Re-Opening
Join Us for our Grand ReBirth! (1).png

Join us on June 29 from 1 PM to 7 PM for the grand reopening of our magical new location at 3838 Sherman Dr, Riverside!


This is a total rebirth for us, and we can't wait to share it with you. We’ll be raffling off concert tickets, enchanting gift boxes, rejuvenating massage sessions, radiant crystals, and more!

This family-friendly event is packed with wonders: games, transformative workshops, healing sound baths, and so much more. Come meet our vibrant community, explore your new haven for mind, body, and spiritual healing, and bask in the high-vibe energy.

Enjoy a day of connection, discovery, and joy, with loads of prizes from our amazing vendors and the wonderful Mama Santee!


Reiki in the Quantum

Embark on an Enlightened Journey into the Quantum Realm with our Traditional Reiki I & II Certification Workshop. Join Mama Santee in discovering the transformative potential of quantum energy healing. 

Day 1: The Journey Begins (11am - 5pm)

On Day 1, delve into the ancient art of Reiki, merging Traditional Reiki I & II into an immersive experience. Explore techniques for self-healing and holding space for others. Dive deep into psychic development, energy sensing, and cleansing practices. Learn the history of Reiki, work with chakras, and expand your understanding of healing on all levels.

Reiki II & Quantum Energy Healing (2).png
Reiki in the Quantum

Day 2: Deep Dive and Activation

(11am - 4pm)

Day 2 brings further exploration and activation. Enhance your practice with advanced techniques, powerful attunements, and an open meditation session. Solidify your skills and elevate your ability to work with Reiki energy at a profound level.

This hands-on workshop offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Lunch break provided.

*From 2pm - 4pm we will have an Activation Meditation that is


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